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Frankie Williams
Cleaners did a great job of cleaning my rental property after I moved my belongings out. I...    
T. Reed
I received an excellent service from Cleaning London and their cleaning team. Communication...    
I moved in to a new property and wanted to keep all the carpets although they were looking...    
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Dawn Davidson
I had noticed my settees and chairs were looking a little grubby, probably due to my young...    
Barbara Montes
My lovely cleaner comes to my home once every third Thursday and provides a through clean of...    
Emily Smyth
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Rug Cleaning is Not a Time-Consuming Unpleasant Task with


rug cleaning services Most homes are supplied with colourful rugs, which perfectly match an old dresser or a specific wall colour,and as they are among the most preferable home accessories, rugs are often an artistic and vibrant expression of their owner’s individuality. But when it comes to cleaning they have to be treated in a special, professional way to maintain their colour and quality and to rid them of dirt and dust. As a reputable and trustworthy cleaning service provider we respect your personal demands and inquiries and approach every customer differently, keeping in mind his individualism and that of his home. Our homes are our perfect worlds, the place where we have arranged and combined all of our belongings as representation of our own individuality, of our true selves. And our goal is to clean and refresh your home, erasing the signs of time and use that may have appeared.

Rugs, as with carpets, are among the vulnerable places that gather additional grit due to the structure of their materials. Stepping on them, of course, makes them dirtier, causing dust and dirt to settle deep into the fibers of the rug, which makes it more complicated and difficult for you to handle the cleaning with bare hands. Apart from the deep home and regular cleaning, there are more specific procedures that can help your home be a healthy environment for you and your family to live in. So that is why it is crucial to avail yourself of the expert services of a cleaning company every now and then.

At we strive for perfection and do not make compromises in terms of the excellence of our cleaning procedures, whether we are engaged in home or office cleaning. We have a rich palette of cleaning procedures and our specialisation has turned us into true professionals who know what approach to use according to our customers’ needs. Contact us on 020 3397 3265 and our courteous call center agents will explain the procedure step by step. They will leave you feeling confident that we are the right choice when it comes to your home cleaning problems – we can solve all of them. You will also receive an immediate quote letting you know about the price this service will cost you. We are proud that together with delivering high-quality cleaning services, we offer affordable prices and our experience has convinced us that the balance between quality and price is what makes us so successful in home-cleaning industry.

rug cleaning london Regular rug cleaning will protect you from the accumulated dirt that comes into your home every day and will also extend the life of your rugs. You will be amazed by the refreshing effect that we will achieve, and how the colours will appear brighter than they were when you initially bought them.

Of course, the various fabrics and structures that your rugs are made of will require different approaches and care, and we can guarantee that our wonderfully equipped cleaning teams will use only the proper detergents to remove the layered dust and dirt from them. Your home has never been in better hands. If you are trying to clean the rugs with whatever cleaner you stumble upon under the sink, you risk ruining the rug or bleaching its colours. Having us as loyal partners eliminates even the slightest risk of damage to the fabric. Our fully equipped cleaning agents will use the most modern and powerful tools to leave your home as shining and clean as possible.

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