Couldn't ask for better service from LondonCleaner. Six months of reliable help. Cleaners are...    
Aja Sumner
I strongly recommend this service. My sofa has been cleaned by this firm twice, each time...    
Essy Pets
Quite pleased with how clean everything is.    
Their attention to detail is commendable, and they are very friendly. Recommend Cleaning...    
Efficiency in response and quality service defined my experience for the needed period.    
Jimmy Meyer
Consistently impressed with the results achieved by this top-quality cleaning service thanks...    
Impressive carpet and rug cleaning service! Exemplary attention to detail, consistent...    
Carole Love
The cleaners from this company were prompt, professional, and efficient in deep cleaning my...    
Daisy D.
My apartment was transformed into a picture-perfect space after the cleaning.    
Murray Logan
He exuded an immensely welcoming, courteous and capable demeanor.He completed the job with...    
Katelynn R.
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london cleaner services As a professional company that is proud of its reputation and that will do everything needed to further develop our standing, we have one main underlying goal – namely our customers' satisfaction. We treat each customer individually, getting to know all the relative requirements and expectations a client has and we gladly meet them. We keep in mind that cleaning is a specific procedure with a number of tasks to be performed in a certain order, and if a customer has a specific demands, we perform them exactly the way the customer expect us to, We respect our customers' desires and this is one of the qualities that distinguishes us in the market of abundant cleaning firms, providing you with the best services possible.

Flexibility is another virtue that we at proudly possess. We are available at any time that is convenient to you; our mangers and cleaning teams are at your disposal the moment you need them, and we will quickly arrange all the necessary details and start the cleaning procedure, not wasting a minute of your time. We know that if a cleaning is taking too long, the customer's patience might wear thin, so we do our best to be efficient, fast and trustworthy, no matter what the situation.

Ring up on 020 3397 3265 and ask about all the details you are interested in. Relying on the professional services of London Cleaner is a decision which will save you time, effort and, last but not least, fatigue. You can leave the unpleasant job of cleaning to us whilst you enjoy the beautiful result – your home will shine like a polished gemstone. Our cleaning experts are using high-quality equipment and harmless eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring you the best possible outcome and a safe environment for your children and pets. Our polite call center agents will gladly assist you with the information you require, and will give you free quote for the services that you would like order. They will kindly answer your questions making sure that your requirements and instructions will be followed to the last detail. You can seek our assistance for your entire home or you can simply order a cleaning service for some or even one of the rooms. You can also use our online booking system which secures a reliable booking 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. If the situation is urgent you will be able to arrange it in the most hassle-free and convenient manner, avoiding the stress and rush that you would otherwise experience.

cleaning services london As a cleaning company based in London we offer full catalog of services. You'll find not only the most common services, like domestic cleaning (which includes window cleaning), but also some specific ones that not every cleaning company offers, such as upholstery cleaning, end of tendency cleaning, and office cleaning.

Our domestic cleaning service is similar to maid cleaning and it includes the cleaning not only of all the rooms and premises but also all the belongings therein: the curtains, the furniture, the carpets and the windows. Domestic cleaning is rarely ordered as a regular service but there are exceptions, of course. Our experienced staff will take care of your needs bringing the necessary materials for the perfect cleaning so there is no need to supply anything on your part.

Upholstery cleaning requires special attention and the majority of the households decide to entrust this particular service to the professionals. Only certain technical equipment is able to perform the cleansing procedures flawlessly.

People who are selling their property or landlords who are searching for new tenants prefer deep and thorough cleaning, and our end of tenancy service is the perfect match for their needs. When trying to sell or let a home, it is important to present it in the best light. So hiring us for a full cleaning is a smart business decision. For this, trust the incomparable help of our excellently trained cleaning teams.

The office cleaning we provide, also called commercial cleaning, is flexible and adequate for the needs of your office, regardless of the size of the space. It serves companies and firms and is usually ordered as a regular service, once a week or more often. Keeping the office clean can affect not only the impression you make on customers and clients, but can help the morale and productivity of your staff. No on wants to work in a mess.

Spare yourself the stress and the physical effort of doing the cleaning yourself, or pleading with your kids or staff to help you. Go ahead and trust the affordable cleaning options that our firm is known for. Among our highest priorities is getting personal recommendations from customers. We believe this is the best test for the genuine satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee that the results of your cleaning will be beyond anything you expected, and you will likely recommend our services to our friends and family. If this is the case, then we have done our job right.

Our cleaning staff are diligent, devoted and strict while performing their duties – they always arrive on time, work efficiently and are uncompromising in terms of dust and spots. As true experts they are also aware of the fact that the most threatening bacteria are invisible and the best and most powerful equipment helps them win this battle; they use environmentally friendly cleaning compounds which prevent your children from experiencing any eventual allergies or respiratory problems.

Once you take advantage of the services we provide, you will be certain that you made the right choice by choosing us. Besides the high quality of our cleaning procedures, you will be pleasantly surprised by our affordable and highly competitive prices – no additional taxes will be made and the final sum will be the one given in the quote. There is no easier and nor better way to enjoy the comfort and coziness of your home and office again than to hire us for our professional assistance.