Until Cleaning London cleaned them, my carpets looked and smelled terrible. That's why I...    
Frankie Williams
Cleaners did a great job of cleaning my rental property after I moved my belongings out. I...    
T. Reed
I received an excellent service from Cleaning London and their cleaning team. Communication...    
I moved in to a new property and wanted to keep all the carpets although they were looking...    
Roger Williams
Before moving into our new house, we hired a team of highly knowledgeable individuals for a...    
Jillian York
I have just had my hard floor cleaned professionally by LondonCleaner. They have done a...    
Curtis Stanley
My house can get a little bit hectic, especially with my little brother around. He's a bit...    
Elaine S.
I see that sometimes cleaners are called cleaning technicians nowadays and have always had a...    
Dawn Davidson
I had noticed my settees and chairs were looking a little grubby, probably due to my young...    
Barbara Montes
My lovely cleaner comes to my home once every third Thursday and provides a through clean of...    
Emily Smyth
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Don’t Worry about the Carpets Anymore – will Show You Their Genuine Colours


london carpet cleaning services Carpets can fall into the group of items in your home that may be the cause of allergies and even respiratory problems, so people suffering from asthma need to take more serious precautions in terms of the hygiene in their home. Whether you have a high or low carpet, it can quickly turn into a natural incubator of germs and dust so cleaning the carpets shouldn’t be neglected. On the contrary, it deserves more detailed attention than you expect. Carpet cleaning is one of the more difficult household cleaning activities and if you want to be sure that your carpets will be perfectly cleaned, you need to entrust it to the genuine specialists. Our cleaning technicians will efficiently do the dirty work for you. Moreover, they are familiar with the specifics of the various fabrics and thus are able to choose and use the most appropriate cleaning agent, which will not only remove the invisible dust particles and germs, but will also refresh the original colours of the carpet, making them even brighter than you remember them.

Since carpets are more prone to hold dirt for the simple reason that you step on them and additionally cram the dirt deep into the fibers, you should carefully consider your options for how to adequately take care of them. offers specialised carpet cleaning services which can really brighten your carpets, your home, and your day. If you have pets, it isn’t hard for you to imagine where the fallen pet hairs are hiding, so we advise you to order professional cleaning services more often than households with no pets. The choice of the cleaning solution is significant for the wonderful result we achieve; our cleaners are familiar with all the detergents available on the market and will choose the most effective one for your carpets and rugs.

Considering that the carpets are like the home’s playground for the children, since they are suitable for rolling, playing and crawling, we prefer to use bio and ecologically friendly cleaning compounds which reduce the chance for allergies to minimum. No matter the condition of your carpet, we promise that we will be able to infuse them with new life prolonging the time you will be able to enjoy them. Plus, even deeply cleaned carpets will be dried out in less than two hours, so you don’t have to worry that the procedure is long and inconvenient for your family.

carpet cleaning uk As a cleaning firm using all the modern techniques, and constantly accepting and applying the latest cleaning techniques, we can tell you that we are keeping abreast of the most modern innovative practices in the world of cleaning, sticking to the principle that our customers deserve the best.

Our competent and well-trained cleaning technicians detect and define the nature of the spots on your carpet and immediately apply all the tools to remove them according to the specific fiber. The maintaining of your carpets is as easy as a child’s game with us – your obligation is just to sit back, relax and enjoy your refreshed and cleaned carpets.

Trusting us to regain the brilliance of your home, you are actually securing your family with the most healthy and germ-free environment. Letting your children play on the carpet will no longer be a concern for you. Your home is your fortress – the place where you enjoy peacefulness after a stressful day and knowing that at least your home is in perfect order, is definitely a relief.

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