Customer reviews
     Couldn't ask for better service from LondonCleaner. Six months of reliable help. Cleaners are always on time, professional, and friendly. They take pride in their work. Highly recommend!
Aja Sumner19/07/2024
     I strongly recommend this service. My sofa has been cleaned by this firm twice, each time quickly, professionally, and with impressive results.
Essy Pets09/07/2024
     Quite pleased with how clean everything is.
     Their attention to detail is commendable, and they are very friendly. Recommend Cleaning London highly.
     Efficiency in response and quality service defined my experience for the needed period.
Jimmy Meyer31/05/2024
     Consistently impressed with the results achieved by this top-quality cleaning service thanks to the professionalism and reliability of our wonderful cleaner.
     Impressive carpet and rug cleaning service! Exemplary attention to detail, consistent dependability, and impressive results from this reputable house cleaning company.
Carole Love16/04/2024
     The cleaners from this company were prompt, professional, and efficient in deep cleaning my flat today. I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend them.
Daisy D.30/03/2024
     My apartment was transformed into a picture-perfect space after the cleaning.
Murray Logan20/03/2024
     He exuded an immensely welcoming, courteous and capable demeanor.He completed the job with utmost attentiveness.My settees have been rejuvenated to their original charm with the addition of a pleasant aroma.
Katelynn R.02/03/2024
     I am immensely satisfied with how our end of tenancy cleaning turned out, all thanks to the outstanding job done by the skilled and dedicated cleaners.
Stephanie A.21/02/2024
     The efficient cleaners accomplished remarkable deep cleans on two properties, going above and beyond by tackling extra tasks with professionalism.
Archana Sweeting11/02/2024
     Consistent and punctual cleanliness brought to you by an experienced professional, ensuring great satisfaction for customers at all times.
Andrew M.01/02/2024
     From start to finish, Cleaners London provided us with a seamless and hassle-free experience during our end of tenancy cleaning in London.
     I am overjoyed with the results of the clean.
     The cleaner was wonderful, which gave me a sense of ease. Not having to step out for an appointment was absolutely delightful.
Martin H.13/11/2023
     Requested something greater than usual so wanted a deep clean carried out on my place and must express joy at what I experienced afterwards! Not only are these cleaners polite but also demonstrating tremendous skill levels whenever working around here too which made me ever so satisfied mind you! Realised quickly how swiftly emails got responded back along with notifying me prior about being approximately 10 minutes later than expected; definitely worth noting down how careful yet specialized these guys are when dealing with carpets' steam cleaning too; managed to get rid of unsightly marks which other companies couldn't do before! Now planning on having them come over frequently too; definite endorsement applicable towards everyone interested in attaining quality services like this one!
Adam Trenton22/05/2023
     I detailed what needed to be done to this cleaning company. When they arrived, they just cracked on with things and went about carrying out the service in the right way. It was all very impressive.
K. Brock25/04/2023
     Until Cleaning London cleaned them, my carpets looked and smelled terrible. That's why I used their carpet cleaning service. Fortunately it didn't cost as much as I thought it would, which was a complete relief. I'm so happy I used this company - they are excellent.
Frankie Williams21/04/2016
      Cleaners did a great job of cleaning my rental property after I moved my belongings out. I didn't have time to do the cleaning myself, and so hiring help was the only way to get the place back to looking clean and tidy. The team did a great job, and it was not expensive either.
T. Reed13/01/2016
     I received an excellent service from Cleaning London and their cleaning team. Communication was fantastic throughout the whole process, the team turned up at my door on time and the price was very, very reasonable. I would not hesitate using them again and would definitely recommend them to others.
     I moved in to a new property and wanted to keep all the carpets although they were looking really tired. My agent suggested I call Cleaning London to get a price on a professional steam-clean. I was amazed at how cheap they were. When they came to clean my carpets, they made absolutely no mess and the results were astonishing. I'm so glad I kept the carpets and hired the best cleaners around.
Roger Williams 14/07/2015
     Before moving into our new house, we hired a team of highly knowledgeable individuals for a round of moving out cleaning. Cleaners London's team made sure to reach out for those inside windows, pesky corners and even closet gaps. The house owner was very pleased with the service. Many thanks for the great service.
Jillian York08/05/2015
     I have just had my hard floor cleaned professionally by LondonCleaner. They have done a brilliant job and it looks so clean now. You would think that this type of flooring doesn't need much care but over time it gets dirty. You need to have the experts to really get it cleaned without causing damage. It is easy to use the wrong products so leave it to the experts. My hard wood floor looks exceptional now and so clean. A service worth every penny, thank you so much.
Curtis Stanley24/11/2014
     My house can get a little bit hectic, especially with my little brother around. He's a bit hard to keep an eye on, so to take some of the stress off my mother's back, I chipped in to hire LondonCleaner. All of us were impressed with how quick all of the jobs got done, and to such a high standard too! The cleaners were very nice, and thankfully didn't seem to be bothered by my brother's antics. I am leaving town for university soon, and I'm happy that my family has a professional cleaning option that they can rely on. Such a relief!
Elaine S.29/08/2014
     I see that sometimes cleaners are called cleaning technicians nowadays and have always had a little laugh at this. But after hiring the services of cleaners from LondonCleaner I can fully understand why they're technicians now! They were so professional it was unbelievable. I mean really good. Taking care to go in the corners and get things done and not missing anything out at all. In the three hours they were here they probably did more than I could do have done in a week! So big thanks to the guys who came round as well as the cleaning agency itself.
Dawn Davidson13/08/2014
     I had noticed my settees and chairs were looking a little grubby, probably due to my young children and pets! But, I didn't want the expense of purchasing new replacement furniture so opted to have the cleaned professionally. My mum had given me a name of the company shed had used and was happy with. So I got in touch with LondonCleaner and organised a meeting in which I got advice on how the work would be done. The work I had done was outstanding. The cleaners used environmentally friendly procedures to deep clean my upholstery and it looked marvelous when they finished. Great work and thank you.
Barbara Montes24/07/2014
     My lovely cleaner comes to my home once every third Thursday and provides a through clean of all of the living areas, bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. I have to say that LondonCleaner certainly provide the best cleaners that I have ever witnessed and I have never had a problem. In addition to this, I have formed a great relationship with my cleaning lady and I really look forward to good catch up over a cup of tea. It is great not to have to worry about the housework and I would certainly recommend this company to anybody.
Emily Smyth30/06/2014
     I wanted to surprise my daughter who had just had her third baby with a clean house. But, as I had a bad back I couldn't do much so I hired a cleaning company I had heard good reports on. LondonCleaner were so helpful, they managed to arrange a home clean the day before my daughter was going to be home. They did a splendid job, the place shined with cleanliness. My daughter was thrilled with the state of her home it looked so neat and tidy. Now she has decided to have the cleaners in monthly to help.
Cora Simmons12/06/2014
     I am an office manager for a local building company and recently the cleaning firm we had been employing was letting us down. They are normally sent in when a house is completed to thoroughly clean it for the new owners. It was time for a change and my boss asked if I knew of a good honest and reliable company. I made some enquiries and eventually found LondonCleaner. They were willing to work on a short term trail basis so we could evaluate their dedication and quality. They were amazing, friendly and highly dedicated to their work. Price wise, they were very competitive and my boss is very happy with the end result.
Clair B.26/05/2014
     If you were perhaps wondering as to where you might find a decent cleaning team, then you should try out LondonCleaner for their excellent domestic cleaning service. I have used them a great many times, and it is without a doubt the best company that I have ever used, which is by no means a small statement, as I have used quite a few different cleaners in my time! I hope that all who use them get the same high quality of service as well as the smiling staff that I get every week, as it certainly improves my day!
Christina L.14/05/2014
     Cleaning is not my forte by any stretch of the imagination, and when I can't face it, I just have to get a cleaner round. The last couple of times I have used a cleaning service I went for LondonCleaner who were absolutely incredible. I found them to be very pleasant to have around the house which is certainly a plus, and I was delighted to see that the prices were not as astronomical as I have thought they might be. If you are looking for a decent cleaning service, give this lot a try as soon as possible!
Francis Phillips29/04/2014
     Domestic cleaning is no longer a chore for me, ever since I found LondonCleaner cleaning service. I used to hate coming home from long days at work to a messy home and getting straight into the housework. Now I walk in and my house is like a showroom and smells beautiful. The cleaners are very experienced and I have learnt a great deal about how to remove stains, and a few other time saving tips around the house. They offer a very reasonable price for their work and it is an invaluable asset to my life. I love my free time!
Margaret Kennedy08/04/2014
     When you're looking for a new cleaning company, there's only one name you need to remember: LondonCleaner. They've helped us endlessly over the years, getting rid of those stains which just will not shift. I always give it three tries myself before I call in the experts, and I'm always impressed that they manage to get my upholstery looking just like new. There really is no better company out there who are able to shift the worst and most difficult of stains, so I would definitely give them a call id you're having some trouble with stains.
Dennis Wood19/03/2014
     I used to let my wife organize the cleaning, but since I've been on my own, it's been nice and easy to get it sorted myself with LondonCleaner. They are good to have about, and very easy to get on with, whilst also giving an excellent service, which ensures that my place always looks spotless! It's been a real weight off my mind, as I'm extremely busy with other thing at the moment, and it's nice to have your place looking great all the time!
Dennis Burton05/03/2014
     For routine office cleaning, I recommend LondonCleaner. I used them after hearing great reviews from a co-worker. I needed fast and thorough office cleaning on a regular basis. I wanted a clean office to ensure that my employees were in a good working environment. The staff at LondonCleaner were able to provide a great cleaning service on a daily basis to ensure that my business looks new and smells fresh each day. I couldn't have chosen a better cleaning company to provide this service. What a job well done! Thank you!
Stefanie C.18/02/2014
     When I moved out of my first rented home about seven years ago the agency that were looking after the property recommended LondonCleaner's end of tenancy cleaning service just to make sure there were no points of issue when it came to getting my deposit back. I reluctantly took them up on the offer, thinking it would be expensive, but it turned out not to be, and my deposit was returned in full. Since then I have moved a few times and always asked LondonCleaner to come in and give the place a good sprucing after I leave. I have never had deposit taken so they clearly do a good job!
Chris Bates30/01/2014
     I can't recommend LondonCleaner to enough people! If you're too busy with your family or work life to get your home clean and tidy then this is the company for you! They always do a fantastic job on my home no matter what it is I need doing, and the professional staff put me straight at ease. Friendly cleaners, a thorough job and inexpensive too! What more could you want from your cleaning company? I'll never go back to cleaning my own home now that I have all of the help that I need. Thank you so much!
Mary S.20/01/2014
     As a landlord, I am always having to have places cleaned because tenants can't be bothered to leave the flats looking nice. I always use LondonCleaner for my end of tenancy cleaning, as they have consistently been great at what they do, and with the very agreeable prices that they charge, I found them to be excellent value. I would highly recommend this company for any domestic or tenancy cleaning issues that you may have, they are a fantastic service all round.
Sean Miller07/01/2014
     I wish I could keep my home clean, but I just have too much on my plate. I thought calling LondonCleaner would be a good way for me to make some extra time in my life by having someone else do my household chores for me! I couldn't be more thrilled with the cleaning service, and the prices are just fantastic too! People are always asking me how I manage to keep my home as clean and tidy as I do, and it's all down to LondonCleaner! This is a service I rave about to everyone - it's definitely worth every penny!
     You have to see just how clean LondonCleaner will make your house to believe it. I was completely dumfounded when I came home to find every inch of my home sparkling. What a level of service. I have to say I was sceptical about whether paying for a cleaner would be worth it, but crikey was I proved that it was. I had my friends over last weekend and they all commented just how great my place was looking, so thanks LondonCleaner! My scepticism has been completely set aside, this service is worth every penny.
Jenni A.28/11/2013
     Knowing that my place needed a price up, I called LondonCleaner. They were incredible, and really did clean the place from top to bottom. I don't usually get cleaners round, but they have made me think about getting a regular cleaner in, given how good they are at making the place look incredible. There is a lot to be said for having someone who really knows what they are doing in to do a job, so why would the cleaning be any different? If you are looking for a professional clean, I recommend calling them straight away!
H. Macpherson18/11/2013
     Cleaning is always a nightmare for me, as I have so much to do throughout the day, with walking the jobs and sorting out the kids, it's a wonder that I get any time to myself let alone time to clean the house! The fact of the matter is, if I try to get the place clean, I always get distracted by something and do half a job, so it's best to get a cleaner in I always find! LondonCleaner have been my go to cleaners for a while now, and I use them regularly because they are great!
Christine Whiteley08/11/2013