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02Dec 2013
Top Tips For Getting The Greenest Result From Your Cleaning Products
Top Tips For Getting The Greenest Result From Your Cleaning Products

Top Tips For Getting The Greenest Result From Your Cleaning Products


Sometimes it seems that everyone is going green and moving into eco-friendly cleaning. Ten years ago this meant cleaning with pantry staples like vinegar and bicarb. Today, it’s a different story. Convenience is still king and if it takes too long or is difficult, most people are going to give up all their efforts to be eco-friendly.

There are many different brands of green cleaning products available on supermarket shelves. While using these products show a fantastic commitment to our environment, using them is not enough. Using and disposing of any cleaning product correctly can lessen the environmental impact of the cleaning product. Even a green cleaning chemical can have an effect on the environment if mistreated.

Here’s what you need to do:     

Always dilute your cleaning products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. By using too much cleaning product you can make the cleaning product less effective and make cleaning take longer. You will be wasting money by using too much cleaning product and there may also be an increase on environmental impact. The eco-friendly cleaning chemicals we use are deemed safe only when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

On the contrary, using too little of the cleaning product in your diluted cleaning solution will not have an environmental impact. You may however get frustrated with how poorly it works that you end up rather choosing a much stronger and less environmentally friendly cleaning product next time.

If you clean up a spill soon after it happens, you will be likely that you will have less cleaning. This is particularly true when there is a potentially staining substance that has been spilt. Allowing the spill to dry in this case will allow the stain to set. A much harsher and potentially less eco-friendly cleaning product is likely to be required.

Most cleaning products are more effective after some contact time. So if you’ve got a whole lot of cleaning to do, spray the area to be cleaned with diluted cleaning product and step back and allow the cleaning product to do the work. After a couple of minutes you will have less scrubbing or wiping to do.

If you are cleaning something that hasn’t been cleaned in a while or is large, like a floor in a factory, it may be best to do a spot test. This will allow you to see if your cleaning methods are effective or not. This will then prevent wastage of a large amount of cleaning product.

Once your container of cleaning product is finished don’t just toss it in the bin. Where possible rinse or clean out the container or packaging. If you are careful the water used for this purpose can then be used as a diluted cleaning solution. The cleaned packaging can then either be refilled or recycled.

Cleaning green is not only about educating yourself about avoiding harmful ingredients in your cleaning products. Eco-friendly cleaning is about being careful and using cleaning products sparingly but not at the cost of effective cleaning.

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