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06Nov 2013
What do you Know about Steam Cleaning?
What do you Know about Steam Cleaning?

What do you Know about Steam Cleaning?


Throughout the history, people tried to find and invent all sorts of machines and products which can be used to clean their home. Some of them, more dangerous than the others. But, in the past few years they sought to find and use the ones that are less affect our health .One of these inventions was the steam cleaning. But what does that mean? How it works? And most important, does it really works?

• What is steam cleaning? You probably heard some people saying they are using it to clean their home, or you`ve read the term in a magazine, but you don’t really know what is all about. Well, there`s nothing complicated. Steam cleaners are considered to be a part of the so-called “green cleaning”, mostly because they don’t use chemical products. A steam vapor machine is a cleaning tool that uses steam to clean and sanitize the surfaces in a short time and since this method uses very little water, the cleaned items dry very quickly. The water inside the steamer is heated to high temperatures in a boiler that produces low- pressure, low moisture water steam.

• How many types of steam cleaners are there? There are two types of steam cleaners where the difference is based on how the steam is produced. The first type is hot and dry which is a type of system that boils the water in order to create a very hot steam. The second type is cooler, but more humid and it doesn’t have a boiler.
Now that you know what a steam clear is, you probably wonder on what types of surfaces you can use it. The answer is very simple: on most of them.

• You can clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces using the steam cleaning method which can be used alone. Except the fact that you`ll need electricity to make the steamer work, no other products are necessary for cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces from your kitchen and bathroom. With this method you will no longer have to worry about mold, fungus, bacteria and other types of germs.

• If you have carpets or upholstery that need to be cleaned, then the steam cleaning method is perfect for this, because the steam will penetrate the fabrics, killing the dust mites and their eggs and other allergens. Moreover, everything will be dry in about 10-15 minutes due to the fact that there is little water in the steam.

• This green cleaning system is also very useful when you want to clean your jewelry because it removes dirt and grime, sanitize your refrigerator or degrease your outdoor grill. It might seem to be an advertising method but is not. Using the steam cleaning method you can clean almost everything, including hardwood floors. Indeed, the steam will clean and disinfect your wooden floors without warping them.

It is really simple and effective to use a steam cleaner, and in today`s world you have plenty of models and options to choose from. This system is the easiest and safest way to clean your home without using harsh chemicals or bleaching products. Not only you will have a clean and fresh home, but it will also be allergen free.